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Welcome Spring! I contemplate love a lot. It’s my job.


Welcome Spring As a romance writer, I contemplate love a lot. It’s my job. In paper world it is easy to spot the hero. In real life not so much. Everyone has a façade. Sometimes you have to dig down deep to find the real person inside. Sometimes they are even more beautiful, but sometimes they are blackened souls. Every relationship is a risk. ... [Continue Reading]

Does Love Come From the Heart or the Brain by Donna Fasano


I knew my husband was The One the very night I met him. In fact, I remember telling my best friend, "I'm going to marry him." She looked at me as if I'd lost my mind and reminded me that I had known him a total of three hours. I was as surprised by my proclamation as she was hearing it. Oh, I should probably reveal that I was fifteen years old at the time. Crazy, ... [Continue Reading]

5 Secrets to Finding Happiness


Okay, so maybe I don’t have any secrets to reveal, but you have to admit that, for a second there, you were REALLY excited when you read that title. Through the ages, many experts have tried to dissect and explain the psychology of happiness. What makes that almost impossible is the fact that each of us ‘get happy’ for different reasons. I practice what I call ... [Continue Reading]

What Is Love? Love should make you happy, stronger, better.

Finding Love in Virginia

As a Romance Author, I ponder this frequently. As a woman I have doubts. I mean Love is supposed to be eternal right? Everlasting, but it doesn’t always. That is one reason I started writing, I was in a difficult relationship and I needed to control something. I wanted happiness. So I created it on paper. I wrote perfect relationships, one after another. ... [Continue Reading]

Odor Free? I don't think so

Yeah, you stink

Many people, my own family included, seem to think that if something is labeled Fragrance Free or Odor Free, then surely, it has no smell. I cannot tell you how wrong you are. Everything, and I do mean everything, has a smell. Some sort of odor. Something in it that our noses detect and recognize telling us what it is. ... [Continue Reading]

Migraines and Botox . . . the journey continues


As this second round of shots starts to wear off, and with my next appointment only about two weeks away, I thought you would all like an update. I've decided that Botox is not for me. While the shots do seem to lesson the severity of the migraine in general, they are by no means eliminating them as I had hoped. Hell, the shots aren't even reducing the ... [Continue Reading]

Dear Mom by Shanon Grey


Strange—I don’t even know if you would have wanted to be called Mom. Would you have thought it irreverent, as my stepmother did? Would you have liked Mommy or Mother better? I’ll choose Mom, not because of any derision, but because I know I love it when my daughter, your granddaughter, calls me that—unless she’s ill or upset, then she reverts to Mommy or Momma. ... [Continue Reading]